Approaching a Domme

I’ve been approached by many subs over the years, but often they have never passed the first hurdle and today I’m going to share why and how best to approach a Domme. Now of course all Dommes are different but these will be a good starting point as a rule of thumb.

First of all, manners. I have no interest in corrisponding with anyone who leaves a comment under any of my social media that tells me to “check DMs” I do not take orders, I give them, it is the rudest way I can think of to approach anyone and you will be ignored. I have no time for a rude submissive or slave. It isn’t cute, it isn’t bratty and it is going to get you blocked and ignored. My time is precious and I will not have it waited.
Ok, so you’ve decided to send a message, here’s a few little things to help construct your first message. 
  • Use the right name! So many that don’t use the more common Mistress still get addressed as that anyway, get the title right. It shouldn’t be rocket science, it shows that you’ve looked at their blog/Twitter etc. and that you’ve paid attention to what they use and aren’t just messaging them out of some numbers game.
  • Don’t just say “hi/hey/hello” I do not respond to one or two word messages and nor does anyone else I know. It gives me nothing to reply to. I’m not looking for Jane Austen here, but give me something worth my time responding to! 
  • Let me know why you are messaging me. What is it that drove you to message me? What grabbed your interest? There’s plenty you can share, I’m not asking for your life story and PIN, just a bit of information to grab my interest. Let me know why you are messaging me. What can you offer? Make replying to you worth my time.
  • I’m busy. Do not expect an immediate reply, I have a life away from my phone and computer. Shocking in this day and age right? If your message is good I will respond, I might not have seen it, I might be busy and emails/DMs etc can get swallowed up. If I haven’t responded in a little while then let me know politely you have sent a message and I’ll see if I got it. 
  • Do not try and get a quick bit of play out of me. If I say no then please just take it at exactly that. I’m not currently Domming at the moment but will be back in 2020 and taking sessions. I do not give freebies so please do not ask.
  • Good grammar, please stop putting a space between the end of a sentence and either a question mark or exclamation point. That dot underneath them is a full stop which belongs at the end of the sentence. It’s a small thing but honestly it drives me nuts.
  • Finally, and I should not have to tell any adult this, but I’m going to. Do not send a dick pic! I don’t want to see it. And if I do then I will ask you. It’s gross and you will get blocked and put on blast on my social media to warn others to block you.
Hopefully this will help you in your search, remember manners cost nothing, our time is precious and should not be wasted and that if you are truly approaching me to serve me then show it. 
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