Male Chastity

I’ve been a fan of chastity for about 12 years now and was first introduced to it by my first sub. And I absolutely loved being a key holder straight away. For those who are new to this particular kink you may well be wondering what you can get out of your partner, or even yourself being locked up and unable to either masturbate or have sex. So what can you get out of being on either side of that padlock? That’s what I’ll be talking about today, as well as my recommendation of cage.

As a key holder it is a wonderful way to exert your control and rules even when you are apart. This can be great for longer distance relationships. More on how to do this practically and safely later. Power exchange and orgasm denial are two of my great loves, and if you are into them yourself this will absolutely be for you, and on top of that there is no sub more willing to please than one that wants to be unlocked and allowed to orgasm. I also take a sadistic glee in watching them squirm as they are teased and the cage becomes tight. So it appeals to my sadistic side too. There’s just so much to love about a man in chastity.
For those in the cage it is a constant reminder of who is in charge, and unlike say even a subtle collar which you may not be able to wear this is completely hidden. Being locked up also really takes any temptation to masturbate if you are only allowed to orgasm when your Dom/me allows it. Because even the most obedient can be tempted every now and again. If you like CBT as has been said already, there is also the pain of being teased to add to it. My previous subs have almost unanimously said that being locked up has given them more of a focus on serving. They have all said it makes them feel more submissive and like I have always been in control even if we have had to spend some times apart from each other. Which sometimes in life we have to do.
So I guess it’s time to talk about the practicalities. 
There are a great many cages on the market made from either plastic, metal or silicone and ranging from those cheap ones on eBay which I am not going to recommend personally to the higher end ones, the most popular being the CB range. Which is what I have regularly used and found the best. I like the CB range as they come with a selection of rings to get the best fit on the balls, which I’ve never seen with metal cages. The other pro with plastic, or silicone cages is that they are much lighter and you don’t have to worry about setting off any metal detectors. You might like humiliation but that’s involving non consenting people in your kink. And that’s never OK. The size of device in terms of length that you’ll need will depend on their size while soft. But I find that the CB3000 is a fair safe one size fits most choice.
But padlocks are metal I hear you cry. Well then I have the perfect solution, and this is also great for doing safe long distance key holding. Plastic locks! Each one has a unique number and are tamper proof, which means you’ll know if it has been removed without permission so a regular photo will keep you in the know as to if your sub has been misbehaved. Another thing I love about these is that they are great from a safety point of view, if for any reason it needs to be removed for any reason it can just be snipped off in a second. And you don’t need to worry about rust from showers or swimming which is another great bonus. You can get a pack of ten from here.
Depending on the kind of cage you have, and how warm it is will dictate how often you need to be unlocked and wash. No one likes a funky smelling dick, and I would say if it is more of a cage than a solid cage then once a week as you can still clean yourself while it is on. But a proper clean once a week is good to do to keep smelling fresh and any bacteria from building up. In hot weather or if you regularly exercise or get sweaty because of your job then more often will be necessary. Remember to clean the cage regularly with warm soapy water and dry it thoroughly to keep it in best condition whatever one you choose to get.
That should just about cover the basics and if you have any other advice or tips you’d like to add then leave a comment and share your wisdom.

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