Dildos – a Rant

I love sex toys, hardly surprising as a kinky woman. But I have one major problem, almost everywhere I have looked have had either realistic shaped or completely smooth. With one exception, glass. I have glass toys, and while they are beautiful they just aren’t my idea of a good time. Which is a shame because they are absolutely stunning as pieces of sexual art.

Of course a big part of this is down to the fact that this is clearly down to what sells, and realistic is in vogue right now. But I have a realistic cock attached to my partner that I love, what I want is ridges, bumps and all those things you just don’t get on an actual cock. And I just find something rather ridiculous about realistic sex toys. The whole disembodied genitals is something I find a little hard to take seriously. Not to say I don’t have any, I love having them for pegging. But I like to use one on myself and this is when I want something fun that I just can’t get anywhere else.

Now I know there are some great brands out there (Bad Dragon, I’m looking at you and the Ika in particular) they are based in America and shipping from the US to the UK is eye watering, not to mention customs on top of actually paying for the damn thing.

Sadly the UK just doesn’t seem to have much in the way of exciting sex toys when it comes to style and I have been through many a sex shop and many a site to come to this conclusion. We certainly know how to do beautiful as Godemiche prove alone with their stunning range of toys which my inner magpie just keeps returning to.

However I did today remember a toy company that an old fuck buddy of mine brought toys from that she raved about. Babes-n-Horny, this was 12 years ago (funny how these things just suddenly pop back into your mind. So I popped over to their website and gave it a look. Their Babes Value and Babes Kinky have non-realistic, textured silicone dildos. Now I haven’t tried them myself so I can’t attest to their quality right now, but I do plan on investing in one (I’m currently eyeing up the Verona and the the Trento) in the future. When I do there will be a review to follow. But for now I’m just happy to have found a company in the UK that can give me what I want.

If you know of any other companies that make non-realistic toys then do let me know. I hoard like a dragon does gold when it comes to toys, but damn I’m a fussy lady.

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