5 Myths About Anal

Inspired by a recent conversation I decided it was a good idea to kick a few lies about anal in the arse. Yes, I went there. So before I do any more shitty jokes (oh God I don’t think I can stop) lets crack on get into this.

It hurts the first couple of times

No, no it absolutely shouldn’t, as long as you are doing it right. It’s kind of like earlobe stretching, if it hurts you are doing it wrong and going too fast. And trust me, I have four stretched ear piercings and a very experienced sexual history. As long as you remember to take it slowly and if it starts to feel uncomfortable slow down and dial it back a bit.

Numbing lube will make it easier

Now, anyone who has read this blog before will know my thoughts on this. And it’s a resounding no. Numbing lube will mean that if something is hurting it will take more time to know that something isn’t going right. Pain is your bodies way of telling you that something isn’t right and you absolutely have to listen to it.

It can cause long term damage

Well this is a half truth, getting double fisted every day is not going to be great in the long term, however something the size of a penis or a few fingers or a safe fisting once in a while is not going to do any harm. Trust me, I’ve done enough anal in my time and I’m doing just fine.

It’s more about the guys pleasure than a womans

One, this is just a bit trasn exclusionary which I hate enough as it stands, but it is the biggest load of rubbish I have ever heard. Plenty of women (whatever may or may not be in their pants) love it. And some of us love it and a few can even achieve orgasm from it. Which leads me nicely into my final myth…

Anal is about humiliation and not dominant

This can fuck all the way off. It may be true for some people, and that is just fine but that does not make it a universal truth. We all do things differently, and that’s what I love about BDSM and sex in general. Why should I stop enjoying something that makes me come? Something I enjoy just because a handful of idiots? If I did that I would not be the punk Barbie Domme. I can get a good arse fucking and still be in control. I have had a good arse fucking and been in control. If you want to hear about that do let me know, I’m happy to share.
So hopefully this has cleared a few preconceived notions about anal, and if you want to learn more then do check out my post on doing anal safely here.

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