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Paloqueth recently contacted me asking to review a couple of their products, I was sent the products for free in exchange for a fair review, as someone always up for expanding her toy collection I could’t say no. So today I shall be reviewing the Sonic Sucking Vibrator.

While it is a gorgeous design and a nice weight I know you’re all dying to know what it’s actually like as a toy to use, so I’m going to dive right in. I was stunned at how powerful it is, it has great suction, and the silicone mouth on it was big enough that my clit hood ring didn’t get in the way, something I was concerned it might. I wasn’t expecting that much out of such a little toy if I’m honest, and was a little dubious of the no contact side of it, I’ve been buying sex toys for a long time and known my fair share of disappointment, especially with any kind of toy with suction on the label. This is the first one to genuinely impress me.
It did take me a bit of time to get placing it just right, but a big part of that was navigating around my clit hood ring. Had I taken it out I don’t think I’d have had a problem. There’s two buttons to keep it simple, an on button which lights them both up and one for changing the vibration settings. I had no problem using the buttons from the start without having to look from the start.

When I switched it on with it on my clit it was so much stronger than I had ever expected. It brought me close very quickly, but soon felt too strong to actually get me over the edge. I did try the other settings but I’ve always needed a constant steady vibration to get me off. After a little while of really needing to come and not getting there I did need to switch to my fingers. But I moved it to my nipples and as someone with very sensitive nipples (and yet more piercing rings) I wasn’t sure how well this would go, but again I managed to fit my rings into the little silicone mouth as well just fine and again switched it on. If you are a fan of nipple play I think you might like this toy, I actually preferred it on my nipples to my clit and came really fast with a combination of this and my fingers.

It can be a fun toy for couples, although my partner (a cis male) didn’t enjoy it on his nipples as much as I did on mine. He didn’t use it on my clit, although this is just because of my piercing (I do love it but it really can get in the way at times.) but there’s no reason you couldn’t have a lot of fun with this toy and a partner or two.
Size wise it’s actually pretty great, I have tiny hands and my partners are huge and neither of us found it either too big and bulky or small and flimsy. I seems to have a bit of a Goldilocks quality to it in that reguard. And as you can see for yourself, it is a gorgeous looking toy, it feels good to hold too and the little heart eyes emoji on the settings button makes me smile every time I look at it. And I have found myself looking at it a lot since I just find this toy so visually satisfying. But what about the noise? It’s quite a deep buzz but I certainly didn’t worry it was going to wake the dead and for such a powerful toy I’d expect a bit of noise out of it given its power but really, if you’re under the covers and the door is closed no one waking by is going to hear it. It’s more of a deep sound that a loud one. Use it under the covers if you’re home and not alone and keep the door shut and I highly doubt anyone is going to hear you. But if they do, blame me and I’ll go find a sub to take the blame for me.
I’ve used this toy a few times now and I genuinely like it. It’s well made and gives some fantastic sensations. My only downside is that it has only gotten me close to orgasm. But even with this in mind I still use it and always have a good time.
You can buy the Sonic Sucking Vibrator by Paloqueth here it is usually $36.99 but at the time of uploading it is on sale for $29.99
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