I’m a total exhibitionist, not really surprising given my blog, Twitter and being an ex fetish model. I love being the centre of attention and putting on a good show when I can. From my history in couples rooms or using kit at a fetish club, I just like to make a scene and make it worth watching. But why?

It’s just such a part of me I don’t even really see it as a fetish or a kink at this point, it’s just a part of who I am. I love the attention and making people happy. Sometimes it gets me off and other times I just get a kick out of it, I’m a born performer and I’m proud of what I do. I’ve never been much of a voyeur though just enjoying all eyes one me and my sub. It’s that dirty feeling of doing what is usually done behind closed doors right out in public for all to see. It’s that forbidden and taboo attraction that gets so many of us.

Some see public nudity as some kind of humiliation or vulnerability but I take great pride and strength in strutting around totally naked knowing people can look but not touch. Unless of course broken fingers and a black eye are their thing but I wouldn’t recommend it. But seriously, no naked body is there for you just to touch as you wish. If you take little else from this blog let it at least be seeking consent in whatever BDSM you practice.

And on that consent note, here’s a couple of little tips for you if you find yourself at a fetish club;

  • Keep your distance. Seriously, we all know who I’m aiming this at, the ones that get way too close (usually men wanking, it’s gross, off putting and you are not part of what is happening, no one consented to that.) Don’t make people uncomfortable, you could end up putting people off wanting to do these things permanently. 
  • Keep your distance, yes I’m saying this one twice, I’m applying this to people playing who just have to do it right next to people trying to have a conversation. I didn’t sign up to be a part of this, go and find your own space. 
  • Be aware of what is around you, I’ve had a Domme walk right through the middle of me whipping someone and pissed off didn’t even begin to cut it, seriously you aren’t above me, we are equals. And if you’d gotten hurt I honestly wouldn’t be shouldering any blame. You brought that one on yourself. But it’s also wise to be aware of those around you if you are running around in nothing but your stripper heels. As much as we can all wish that clubs were 100% cunt proof there can be those who try and harass you. And report that shit to a DM if you see it or it’s happening to you.
  • You don’t have to do it. If you aren’t uncomfortable then just don’t do it. Stop, the only question that should be asked is, what can be done to make you feel comfortable again. And if anyone tries to keep it going just tell them to shove it and walk away. I give you permission to not listen to an insensitive fuck knuckle.
  • Keep it in the club. The outside world does not want to see you in any state of undress or doing any kind of play. Don’t go breaking laws, and not sucking dick in the middle of the park during a cricket match is one of those times. 

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