Kink of the Week – Summer

I’ve tried to write this a few times, I love writing about kink but is summer really a kink? It’s certainly got in the way of me feeling I can enjoy kinky fun. My medication means I am double the risk of heatstroke and having to be aware of that in whatever I’m doing. And if you or your submissive or Dominant are on psychotropic medication this is likely to put you at risk too. It’s just something else to think about while playing and for me it kind of kills the mood a bit.

But I’m not here to lecture you on the dangers of medication and heatstroke, I do that enough to people off of this blog as it is! If you like outdoor play then now is obviously the best time for getting to enjoy it without freezing your bits off. Although given British summertime that is always a possibility I guess. Given that in House of Hazard we don’t do outdoor fun that kind of passes us by anyway.
I did try wearing some latex a little while ago but it’s just been too warm for me, and if I can’t wear latex I’m not a happy Mistress. For me summer is all about getting from one air conditioned place to the next. Although having said all of this there is the joy of being able to wear more revealing outfits and letting out my exhibitionist side a little. Always remembering the factor 50 to protect my skin and my vast amounts of ink in particular.
So roll on autumn this woman wants to get her kink back on!
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  • Modesty Ablaze

    Oh yes I agree, Latex is definitely not summer wear . . . well certainly not outside of the dungeon at least! LOL!!!But from the weather here in London this past week it feels like autumn is here already.So hopefully kink will be back on your agenda . . . if it's not already!!!Xxx – K

  • molly

    I love the summer but I know many people don't. I find the Autumn makes me a bit sad because I know all that cold and wet is round the corner and I hate the winter so I guess my 2nd favourite time of year is springMollyx

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