Kink of the Week – Rubber, PVC and Latex

Before we start, there’s some links to stores in my post, they don’t sponsor me and don’t send me free stuff, I just love their products and wanted to share them with you, my lovely readers. Now that’s out of the way, hello from Edinburgh Fringe! It’s a new Kink of the Week so lets get stuck in and talk all about playing dress up!

Anyone that knows me knows that I love dressing up, if I’m playing either in private or in a more professional capacity it’s always my first step for getting in the mood, and rubber and PVC are often staples of BDSM attire. They are fetishes all on their own, and I am very much a latex/rubber fetishist. But I’ll be starting with PVC as it’s where I started when building my wardrobe.

I brought my first PVC clothing when I was 18. It’s usually much cheaper than buying latex so can be a great place to begin when you are starting out. However there is a lot less choice when it comes to colour, I occasionally find stuff that’s pink or red accents but largely it’s just plain black. But the who doesn’t look good in black? It’s much easier to get into and care for than latex but I’ve found that it doesn’t stay looking shiny and new for long. I have latex dresses over 10 years old that I still wear, unlike my PVC that has had to be thrown away because it had become wrinkly and worn out looking over time. If you have any tips for keeping PVC looking good for longer please do leave them in the comments. 
I would like to say I feel in love instantly with latex but that’d be a really bad lie, my love grew over time. I found it hard to get on, I had to deal with a rip or two because of sharp nails and just thought it was too delicate for me. It’s also something you have to care for regularly. Something I talked about in this post recently. But once I got the hang of getting into it I started to enjoy it, the feel, the texture, the smell, one day it all just clicked into place for me. I even enjoy a night in caring for it. And it has outlasted ever piece of PVC I have ever owned by years.

Some people fall in love instantly when it comes to their kinks and fetishes while others are slow burners. It was something I always wanted to love and feel sexy in but that came with time. And part of that was falling in love with my body, latex and rubber are like a second skin and if you want to love one then you have to love the other.

If you’re looking at getting into trying either then I can’t recommend the store Honour Clothing enough, they have a great range and the prices are pretty good too. (This is not an affiliate thing, I just really love their stuff.) Love Honey do a few items but I can’t speak for the quality of their stuff,  if you’ve owned or owned any of their stuff I’d love to know your opinion on it.

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