Clothed Female Naked Male

On the surface it’s a such a simple thing, remain clothed while your sub is naked. Yet it can be a strong display of power and dominance. Many people, whatever their gender feel vulnerable naked. Our clothes are like an armour, many of us put an element of our identity in them, they are something to hide behind. Take that armour away and there’s nothing to hide behind. That feeling of literal and mental exposure is a powerful tool.

A sub kneeling before you naked doesn’t just make them feel exposed, it can make you feel incredibly strong and powerful. In my opinion words should be the first tool in your box when it comes to domination, the right ones can turn any submissive to putty in your hands but don’t think to overlook this simple fetish. It’s a mind game based in such simplicity. 
As much as I love my very full toy box and its many tricks I also love to keep it simple. Many of us can forget that you just don’t need the fanciest cuffs, bullwhip skills or fancy shibari knowledge (as great as all of those are). Sometimes it’s just great to go back to basics and enjoy the simple things. Or use them as a base to the bigger things. Just go and check out any amount of BDSM porn and you will find a naked submissive while the dominant is usually clothed. Sometimes it’s barely even something we think about, like it goes without saying. 
So next time you and your sub are on your own maybe have them not just kneel before you but go that extra step and have them do it naked. 

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