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I wasn’t going to join in for this one, but after reading about the prompt on the site and the fantastic post by Littlegem I actually wanted to get involved. So, lets do this!

I’ve only spoken to one person who was into this, and I say spoken to, they put a comment under one of my photos asking if they could do this. I didn’t really want to see one of my photos with a strangers jizz on it so I declined. I know people get off to my work (at least I hope if they don’t now they will in future) but that does not mean I want to see the results of their enjoyment. It’s not my kink but as long as all are consenting then it seems like some pretty good harmless fun. And isn’t that what any kink should be?

While I am hosted by WordPress I can’t put any explicit photos on the blog due to their TOS and that’s fair enough, if you do want to see dirty photos of me I will be adding more and more to Twitter and once my Only Fans, clip sites, and the blog has moved away from WordPress there will be plenty of photos and videos for you all to enjoy, and I hope you do.

The one thing I don’t want however is cum tributes or photos of your dick. If you like what I do then I would obviously love a message from you, but overstepping the line into being creepy isn’t nice or something anyone wants. I know it is a risk in putting myself out there in the way that I do, but please respect content creators of any kind, we don’t have to do what we do and if you want us to keep putting work out there then don’t be gross or you may find them never putting out content again.

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