Blue Door Dungeon Review

Nurse Biohazard – medical room at Blue Door, black PVC nurse uniform by Honour Clothing

On Sunday we booked two hours at The Blue Door Dungeon in Angel, London. It’s a short walk from the station. Arriving 15 minutes early gave us time to get ready that didn’t eat into our dungeon time we were greeted by a really lovely guy that gave me a quick tour while my partner sorted himself out and got ready. (This must be the first time a stand up character act has done a photo shoot in a BDSM dungeon.) Their ground floor has a medical room, a small bedroom and a toilet, downstairs is a lovely space to chill out with comfy sofas, with another shower and toilet off of them and a little kitchen area. We didn’t use this but if we ever get the chance to do an overnight booking it will be used. Also please bare in mind that there is only stairs to reach the dungeon.

This led onto the dungeon, which is where we spent the most time so will be the bulk of the review. It’s a lovely space, lots of CBT toys and a range of chastity cages which always makes me happy, two fucking machines and a sex swing! The last two things are ones I’ve always wanted to use but never had a chance to. On top of the usual dungeon staples, a cage, St Andrews cross, spanking benches and a very comfortable throne.

The space is absolutely worth every penny, while there is lots there it doesn’t feel cramped at all. If you have any questions about equipment then you can ask when you arrive and next time I will be asking about the vac toys I saw in the medical room. If like me you want to use it as a filming/photography space there are electrical sockets for lights but while I brought one with me it didn’t come out of the bag.

The time flew by and I already feel a need to book another couple of hours for more photos and more videos. I would love to book it out for a small party too, if this is something you want to do it’s an additional £25 per head for parties over three.

This was my partners first time in a dungeon and he had a fantastic time. As much as this was about getting some work done we also knew we wanted to have some fun just for us. I buckled him onto the cross for some abrasion play with a mix of my nails and a gorgeous scratching claw that left his back and thighs lovely and red. From there we moved onto the sex swing and we’ve both decided that we want one of our own one day.

If you want to book with them you can here and follow them on Twitter here.

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