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London Alternative Market wrist band

Christmas LAM has come and gone and I spent most of the day there, something quite unusual for me. I have usually spent my money (too much if I’m honest) and head home. I don’t really get all that involved in the fetish scene these days, I’m not a fan of munches, I don’t go to clubs any more in part because I’m not a fan of how crowded they get and in part because my partner and I have no desire to go. But this is something we do enjoy every now and again. And a friend of my partner was going so it was lovely getting to meet him for the first time. And discovering we had a few mutual acquaintances, but then the scene is a goldfish bowl.

There are a couple of companies I can only buy from the market, it’s this exclusivity that keep me coming back. In particular Leather Delights and Bear Bite Bondage, and if you check out the links to their Instagram pages you’ll see why.

After a quick look around upstairs we headed down so I could visit Bear Bite Bondage as they had very kindly set some rope aside for me that wasn’t treated with the sweet orange wax (I cannot thank you enough for this). I got a black (obviously) and deep pink. Their jute rope is all treated to give you the best quality. I’ve already talked about them in my Christmas gift post. I can’t wait to get using it next weekend.

Bear Bite Bondage pink and black 5mm jute rope.

I had a little longing drool over the Godeminche dildos. One day I’ll have the money to own one. But today, alas was not that day as I had already gone with toys in mind. But those glittery dildos are stunning and the quality is clearly very high. After a good look around we sat and had a drink and my partner and his friend had a good catch up. It was in this time I got to dash off and pick up a Christmas gift from one of the stores I reviewed. As my partner reads the blog I’ll be keeping quiet about what I got until after Christmas.

It was a trip to Trussed UK and a set of wax play candles, which is the next thing I’m introducing my partner to. I’ve not done any wax play in years so I’m really looking forward to next weekend! Their selection of colours is so good, they even do UV colours, I have some but I’m waiting to get a black light to use them. That’s been on the to buy list for some time now. Trussed even do wax play pitchers and I do quite like the look of them.

Grey, teal, pink, purple and black wax play candles by Trussed UK

The final item on my list was a new pair of wrist cuffs since mine have been missing for a while, break ups are bad for your toy collection, and I only had ankle cuffs. So I stopped off at Leather Delights. I was drawn to the collars first since apparently I have some kind of problem and can’t resist them. But eventually got to looking at the cuffs I’d set out to buy. I picked them out with my partner as I wanted to get something that was ours as we haven’t really brought any toys together and I wanted some things that were just ours. And because as I said, I have some kind of problem, a collar needed to match it. It was something again, he helped me pick out. The cuffs are patent leather and so soft and flexible but tough and I am in love with them in a big way. I’ll be on the lookout for some matching ankle cuffs next time I’m at LAM.

Leather Delights purple wrist cuffs
Leather Delights purple collar

We spent the rest of the time sat relaxing and chatting, except for when we went upstairs to use the toilets, and my partner brought something from Jed Phoenix, I’m not allowed to know what and not happy about that. But I’m glad I did wait where I was when an old friend came out of the toilets. We haven’t seen each other in years and there was a lot of hugs. We somehow managed to lose both of our partners, they were not having sex in a toilet, in spite of that being her first thought. It was so good to see both of them and introduce my partner, especially since he had so much about them.

We were getting pretty tired by this point and decided to call it a day. It’s the most fun I’ve had at a fetish event in a very long time, and it’ll be a while before we’re back but we will be coming back.

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