Toy Free Play

When it comes to BDSM it can sometimes feel like it’s about who has the best toys or their own play space. But toys are expensive, and if you’re new or on a tight budget, a reality for many of us, a packed toy box is not always a possibility. But there’s a lot you can still do without toys.


You don’t need anything but an imagination to enjoy this, but do remember to discuss limits and what is going too far beforehand as this can go wrong and can do a lot of emotional damage very easily. If you’re interested in public humiliation just remember, the strangers around you did not consent to being a part of your scene so bare in mind that subtlety is very important.

Orgasm Control

A personal favourite of mine, and can be done in long distance, online as well as real time relationships. Giving or being given permission to orgasm or only allowed to be brought to the edge of it with no idea when the next orgasm will be is a huge turn on for me whether I’m in control or I’ve given it up.


This isn’t something I have any experience with but I would love to try. Granted you need to actually learn about this but it is still toy free play.

These are obviously only three things you can do, and there are far more. It’s all about being creative, and that’s what BDSM is largely about. Being creative.

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