5 Favourite Sex Bloggers

I thought I would end the year with a few lists, today it’s my favourite sex blogger, these are all sites I visit regularly, inspire me, make me laugh and teach me something new with every visit.

  • Girl on the Net I’ve been following Girl on the Net for many years, her site is a treasure trove of information, rants and hot stories. She also gets fantastic guest bloggers too that talk about a huge range of stuff. It has made me laugh, made me wet and entertained me many an afternoon.
  • Girly Juice I started reading Kate Sloane’s blog earlier this year and I’ve really been enjoying it and I can’t wait to read her book when it’s published.
  • Hey Epiphora If you want brutally honest, hilarious sex toy reviews this is the place to go. I have had many a giggling fit at the comments on some terribly designed toys.
  • Molly’s Daily Kiss Another I’ve been reading for years, Molly also took over Kink of the Week, which I have joined in with a few times in the past. Her photos are beautiful and
  • Purple’s Gem I discovered this one through participating in Kink of the Week and it inspired my post on cum tributes. They post some really lovely photos too.

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