Leaving Marks

I love leaving marks on my partner, he wears them like a badge of honour. They’re a sign of really good sex. Marking me isn’t really a part of our dynamic, and it’s something I’ve been picky about in the past.

I wouldn’t say marks are a fetish of mine, but I love the acts that result in them. I don’t talk about my relationship all that often but I have said before that abrasion play is one of our favourite things and it’s obviously one that does leave marks. Albeit temporary. Dragging my nails into my partners skin as I orgasm is always a part of our fucking, it’s why he loves my long sharp acrylic nails so much. The marks never tend to last very long at all but we do enjoy them while they’re there.

I do like impact play, both giving and receiving but I do not mark easily so when it comes to being marked there are very few people I have allowed to do it. My partner is not much of sadist and is still learning to do impact play safely so we aren’t at that point yet. This coupled with me doing filming work means I don’t get to have marks that last more than a couple of hours.

Caring For Your Marks

Obviously you weren’t getting out of here with a little kink advice. Remember that marks need looking after, some more than others, but they do need aftercare. So here’s a few tips for you all.

  • Arnica is great for bruises, you can get it in a gel form.
  • Alcohol wipes are important if you’ve broken the skin, they’re good for particularly deep scratches, I have a pack of the small ones used for piercings in my toy cupboard.
  • Ice any swelling a couple of times a day, keep them elevated if you can. Obviously not so easy if it’s on your backside!
  • Cuddles are always good too.

Have you got any home remedies for looking after your marks? I’d love to know them. And don’t forget to check out other Kink of the Week posts on marks here.

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