30 Days of Kink – Day 6

Describe Your Weirdest/Most Interesting Sexual Fantasy

This isn’t weird as such, but it is weird for me as it’s a non-monogamous fantasy and I am very much monogamous, but I do have a cuckolding fantasy. It’s not something I want to actually do but I do find the idea hot.

The idea of tying my partner up, having him get the guy hard and me wet with his mouth and watching as the other guy fucks me, unable to join in or touch himself as I come over and over on another guys cock. Eventually when we are finished he has to lick the cum from me and clean the guy.

There’s also my Phantom of the Opera fantasy, which is more switchy. Blowing him in his box in the opera house and having the kind of sex that needs a referee more than a condom on the island on the lake under the house.

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