30 Days of Kink – Day 7

What’s Your Favourite Toy?

This is a pretty tough one for me, I have so many different toys and I love them for such different reasons. But I decided to settle for a much loved butt plug from Kinky Pleasures.

Pink glass butt plug

First off, as someone who collects My Little Pony toys I had to have this in my collection. I also love being able to support a small company actually owned by kinky people.

But importantly, it’s a gorgeous plug to use. It’s waves and bumps feel so good when it’s being inserted or removed. As someone who loves a good heavy toy I adore the weight too.

Pink glass butt plug with My Little Pony base.

They don’t do this toy any more but I can also recommend the engraved padlocks, I have one that has taken a lot of abuse and you can still read the engraving. I’ve also got a Bimbo Slut embossed gag which again they don’t make any more. I’ve got one of their metal plugs on my wish list at the moment.

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