DM Irritants

They come in waves for me, but the past 24 hours has seen way too many idiots in my DMs. Often from people who don’t follow me, it’s that one or two word message that they expect you to reply to.

There are how many words in the English Language and you really want to open up with Hey, Hey Mistress or Hey sub? And I barely fucking sub for a start! It boggles my mind that anyone would think this will warrant a reply, there is literally nothing to reply to in the first place.

Back when I was single I would never reply to a single message like that. Why would I? I used to get a lot of messages and that was never going to 1. Stand out from the crowd and 2. Give me anything other than hi (or in the sub cases fuck off cunt) to reply to. Now I treat my social media more like a business or a (urgh I hate this word) brand I feel the exact same way. I’m also in a relationship and that should be respected.

This is sometimes, although not always, followed up with a barrage of more hi/hey/hello messages. If I didn’t reply to the first one I won’t be reply to the next 15 of them. Sometimes I do want to reply with a fuck off but I worry about just encouraging them, and they really don’t need it.

They are also usually the kind of people that will waste your time, and a fair few of them don’t even follow me. Unless you are asking about the blog or services then you probably don’t need to be messaging me at all.

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