My Body and Me

I’ve not always loved my body, for many years I hated it, I couldn’t find a single thing to like about it and couldn’t understand why anyone else felt differently. Oh how times have changed.

My love for my body began with small steps, when I started my first steps into BDSM I was getting a lot of compliments, something I hadn’t had a lot of. I was used to being put down and criticised but then suddenly I was hearing lovely things from often total strangers, and I began to learn that the horrible things I’d been told about my looks weren’t true.

Then I started to model, and you really need body confidence to do that, and I began to love my body more and more through doing it. The years of getting paid to take my clothes off changed my life for the better. I learned a new love and respect for my body that I never had before, and don’t think I ever would have if it wasn’t for my job.

It hasn’t been all that smooth sailing though, and there were times that I took steps back, but kept trying to move forward. I’m now getting into my mid thirties and I finally feel comfortable in my own skin. While I had to do the hard work I had a lot of help and for that I am eternally grateful.

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