The Dreaded Rut

We can all end up in a bit of a sexual rut every now and again. When things start to get a little samey and you need something new, but you just can’t decide what it is that you want to change. I thought today it was time to address this, with it being Valentine’s Day and the perfect day to try and spiced things up.

Write down everything that turns you on

The tried and tested is a perfect place to begin, because it gets you thinking and you aren’t trying to come up with things you’ve never done before to start off with. And there is bound to be things on your list that you love, yet haven’t done in a while. And why not revisit some old favourites.

Read a dirty book or two

Erotica can be a great place to get some dirty ideas, and there’s plenty out there to read too. From the free stuff like Literotica which has a little bit of everything, or the old favourite of mine Doll Stories. Reading stories to each other can be a lot of fun and something a little different too.

Think about things you’ve never done before

I firmly believe in two kinds of fantasies, the ones only ever for the wank bank and the ones you want to make a reality. Have a think about if you have any you want to turn into a reality and work out how to make them happen!

Use the internet

There are so many kinks and fetishes out there why not search out some new things and see if you get a little inspiration?

I hope this has helped give you some ideas get you out of any ruts you might be in. If you have any other tips or ideas to help spice things up do leave them in the comments.

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