30 Days of Kink – Day 12

Tell Us About a Humorous BDSM/Kink Experience You’ve Had

I wasn’t going to tell this story, it was a very long time ago with an ex and our on/off play partner. We, well I say we, the play partner and I had a huge laugh out of this long after it happened.

We had been doing some sensation play with his arse using ice cubes and then put a small metal plug in him, which kept falling out. We told him to put it in because then maybe it would stay. And the whole thing went in. He didn’t need to tell us because the look on his face said it all. Now we should have been a little nicer, but the “maybe it’ll stay in” comment, the fact it had stayed in and the look on his face combined had us both in an instant fit of giggles.

He did manage to get it out very quickly and without any problems. I’ve never mixed ice play and small metal plugs again.

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