My First Fetish

My first one was a weird one, because of course it was. It was dollification. For those who don’t know, which in my experience is just about everyone I’ve ever met, dollification is either turning someone into a doll or being transformed into one. Most commonly a rubber sex doll, but there are plenty of other kinds ball-jointed, fembot, blow up etc.

It all started when I got recommended a manga called Doll, it’s a series of short stories with a focus on different kinds of dolls, some of them sexual. It’s been a many years since I’ve read it but it’s something I read over and over again. I was in love with the series and writing this has made me want to go and read them all over again. It was this book that first grabbed my interest.

There’s also a huge element of body modification and I’ve loved body modification for as long as I can remember, even as a kid I was fascinated and knew I wanted tattoos and piercings. As I got older I became more and more into extreme looks, doll transformation can have this too.

There’s also a huge aspect of control and power play. Dolls are objects and we own objects. Even the thought of that as I type turns me on a little. Control is something in reality we don’t have that much of in the real world, but in this fetish a doll maker can exert it in a consensual and loving way, being given that control by a submissive and being able to mould them into your perfect sexual plaything is a fun and powerful feeling.

As a doll you can just let the real world and worries melt away, give up the little control you have to be something treasured that exists wholly to please. The only thing to think about is pleasure. That is a very rare thing to get the chance to enjoy. The transformation to something pretty and perfect in someones eyes on top of that makes it more than just a sexual thing and it becomes something that gives you such a warm feeling inside.

I started out as a submissive, something which I’ve talked about in the past and I did start out wanting to be turned into a doll, these days as fun as that would be I do enjoy the idea of turning a someone into a cock or cunt hungry doll that just wants to please. Who wouldn’t want that?

It has played also had a cross over with fetishes I’ve developed further down the line with bimbofication, another body modification heavy fetish and hypnosis so some of what I have enjoy now is very much rooted in that first love of doll transformation. Since I’ve never been able to enjoy my dollification fetish I have been able to enjoy hypnokink and can indulge in my goth bimbo side with all my favourite outfits.

Do you have a more unusual fetish? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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