Safe Wax Play

Wax play is so much fun, but it’s not as simple as just grabbing a candle and dripping the wax. You can get some really nasty burns that way, so I thought today I would share my advice on this fun little kink.

  • Get proper wax play candles. Different types of candles burn at different temperatures and because of this it’s best to just buy proper wax play candles, and from somewhere reputable, not just those cheap ones on eBay. Who knows what they’re made of. You could give someone a really nasty burn if you aren’t careful. Also supporting a reputable sex positive company makes you sexier. A fact probably proven by science.
  • Do a test drip. When it firsts starts to burn do a test drip onto your forearm, start high up and lower the candle as it drips to work out the best place to drip from. This way you’ll reduce the risk of burning either yourself or the person you are playing with. And do this with every one you use, even if they’re the same brand and from the same packet. Different colours can burn at different temperatures.
  • Keep a cool, damp facecloth on hand. If you do accidentally cause a superficial burn then it is recommended to run it under cold water, this may not be easy so a cold compress is recommended. Don’t use a pack of froze peas or ice, this risks causing a whole other burn.
  • Try not to set your bed/carpet/curtains/hair on fire. Seriously, you’re playing with an open flame, maybe flames if you have a candle in each hand. No one likes the smell of burnt hair or their home set on fire. Make sure they are properly extinguished properly, keep your hair tied back and just keep the flame away from anything flammable.

I hope you all found this helpful and I’ll recommend my favourite wax play candles seller, Trussed UK because not only do they have a fantastic range of colours the quality is very high.

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