Only Fans Leak Follow Up

To follow up on the Only Fans leak I posted about last week I have messaged with Mariah Muise who uses the site about her experience with it. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions, links to her work and social media are at the bottom of the post, do give the links a click.

How did you find out about the leak?

So I have 2 twitter accounts a vanilla and one for SW. Strangely enough I found out about the leak on my vanilla account. YouTube personalities I follow were making fun of it.

How do you feel the leak was handled?

In terms of how they handled it, I couldn’t find anything. All I saw was the twitter account of the owner of Only Fans I presume and he said there was no evidence of a hack and they didn’t find anything. But I didn’t see anything else. I think they could’ve done a WAY better job.

Have you had problems with them before this?

I hadn’t really had problems before this surprisingly, but I’ve heard horror stories of peoples money disappearing. But for convenience sake I just have my money taken out every week and hope this doesn’t happen to me. I do get scared that this is temporary and I should move to another site but I feel like none of them are as universally known as “only fans” weather that be good or bad.

A lot of people had problems with the site on Monday, did they warn you about the site going down?

They don’t even let us know when the site is going to be down and all my messages are wiped.

Any thing else you would like to add?

Honestly I just hope these problems aren’t enough to deter subscribers away. I’m lucky enough to have a good amount for just starting so recently but even if they really like me, I fear with all of the sites problems it might just be too much and scare customers away.

If you want to support Mariah Muise (and you totally should, she’s awesome) you can give her a follow on Twitter and subscribe to her Only Fans.

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