Tenga Easy Beat Egg Review

This week I’m handing the review over to my partner, thank you so much my darling.

Tenga Egg packaging and masturbator

Before starting this review I should point out that I (the user) have phimosis, which is a tightened foreskin that does not easily retract over the helmet and makes ejaculation during intercourse virtually impossible. I can achieve orgasm with masturbation, had plenty of practice, and since this particular sex toy is aimed at not only males but for masturbating, I saw myself fit to review it. This review is also in request of my partner, who sourced it for me.

The packaging is fine, simplistic design, suitably egg shaped, easy to open and looks good with a matt black finish and silver hearts. It comes with simple instructions on the back of the case and a sachet of lubricant which worked well.

The toy itself is again egg shaped, but I think that detracts from the experience rather than improving it (more on that later). The interior of the egg is filled with ridges and bumps, like the surface of the moon, but due to my phimosis this was scarcely felt. This is not fault of the toy of course, as during masturbation or intercourse I’m reliant on a very tight grip from someone, and having a lubricated plastic egg wrapped around my knob made precise grip difficult. The combination of the lubricant, the egg and my foreskin sliding over each other left little stimulation, so I tightened my grip. This is where the shape off the toy comes in, as it is only two inches in height, and does not cover much of the shaft of the penis. Holding it in place is awkward, especially if you like your shaft to receive attention as much as the head (which I do), and the egg would occasionally slide off which is fiddly to replace without lubing up your fingers. The orgasm itself was terrific, full marks all round. The egg popped off my penis in one swift move and did not leak any jizz upon my person so it is certainly a tidy device. I had a shower afterwards and gave it a very quick clean.

Overall I didn’t find the experience much more preferable to having a wank. It was awkward to operate, felt pleasant, and was easy to clear up. My phimosis may make me unsuitable for its target audience, though I speak for all men with this condition, when I say the sex toy industry merely adds to our collective sexual frustration, and we deserve better damn it!

3 thoughts on “Tenga Easy Beat Egg Review

  1. Have you tried stretching the phimotic skin with stretcher rings?

    I was circumcised and I don’t regret it per se as sensations on my glans are incredible, but as a gay guy I’ve seen lots of botched and ugly jobs and stretching could really help you enjoy these. I love these eggs!

    1. Stretching can only work in fairly mild cases but it won’t work for more extreme ones. But it should still only be done with proper medical advice.

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