My Sterilisation Story

The plan was to talk about Eroticon today, but the organisers made the absolutely right call to cancel it. So I’ve decided to talk about my sterilisation instead. It’s about my genitals so it absolutely counts.

I had my procedure done five years ago this summer. But I went to my doctor about it the year before. I had been on the pill for years, then I had a missed period. I had a very understandable freak out as I have no desire to have children and was very worried about having to have an abortion. I wasn’t pregnant, my missed period was down to stress.

Off the back on this I decided it was time to look at other options for birth control. They are with one or two exceptions hormone related, and I was having to take double my medication. Having never wanted children and never liking children I though having my tubes tied was my best option. I was 27 at the time and did not have any children so I knew there was a chance I would not be able to get the operation. But this did not deter me.

I had a meeting with my GP and he asked if he could talk with his colleagues about it and ask their thoughts. I went back a second time and we talked about it some more and he decided that yes he would refer me to the hospital and put me forward for the procedure. I then had to talk to a doctor at the gynaecology department and then go back and talk to her again but this time also the head of the department.

Unlike a vasectomy the procedure is almost impossible to reverse. I was fine with this. They asked me what I would do in the very unlikely chance I changed my mind. I would foster or adopt. Finally, what about my then boyfriend? It is very much my body and my choice, if he wanted children then he should date someone who actually wants them. (I broke up with him not long after the operation for unrelated reasons.) They decided that yes, it was a good idea to move forward and I would be put on the waiting list for the procedure.

After a talk about the two options I wanted the keyhole surgery option due to my history of vaginismus. I spent a beautiful, sunny day trapped on a ward, bored and very hungry as I hadn’t eaten or drank since the day before. Eventually I went in and had come around from the anaesthetic in just under an hour. They gave me morphine and my mum picked me up once I was discharged.

I had two very long weeks of having to be looked after as my stitches healed. This for me was the worst part of having the operation. I hate not being able to do anything for myself and I couldn’t even get out of bed unaided. The best part (yes there was a best part) was the morphine, I was high as a kite and had a great time.

For me this was an easy choice and not a day has gone by that I’ve regretted getting it done. But what I have had is a lot of criticism for my decision to be child free. If you want children then that’s great, but it really isn’t what I want for my life.

If you have any questions I’m always more than happy to answer them so please feel free to leave some in the comments.

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