Staying Sane During Corona

I know Friday is usually my review day but with everything going on I haven’t actually written one yet. I’ve been busy foraging for food and wondering when I’m going to be able to see my partner again after tonight. As someone who has spent a lot of her life locked indoors looking for an excuse not to go out I thought I’d share some advice on how to not end up clawing the walls.

Skype is your friend. If like me you don’t live with your partner video calls are a big thing, if you’ve been in a long distance relationship you’ll know how important things like this are. That’s all you can do if you can’t get to each other, just treat it like it’s long distance for now.

Treat yourself. I know money is tight right now, but it’s even tighter for the Only Fans and Many Vid models. They’re losing their income left, right and centre and in my country the self employed are getting no help at all. Treat yourself to some great content and buy something from one of these people. Plenty are doing great deals right now. Even if you just watch some free, verified content leave a tip. I know PornHub allows this. Even if it isn’t much it is huge to them. If you want some recommendations go check out any one of the people I follow on Twitter, it’s pretty diverse you are bound to find your new favourite performer.

Wanking, so much wanking. I know this would fall under treat yourself and the porn, but you don’t need porn to have a great wank, use your imagination. I have had some amazing dirty dreams lately that I just couldn’t get from anywhere else other than my gloriously weird brain. Get your creative brain going!

Read. There’s so many books in the world, I have an ancient tablet with the Kindle app and there is so much free content on there. From erotica to high fantasy to classics. My app is almost all free to download content and sure it can be hit and miss but I’ve so far had more hits than misses.

I’ve also got a non-premium Snapchat, it won’t be particularly explicit and I’ve had a lot of private messages on there already that I’m going to have to stop replying to them. But if you want to give it a follow it’s Bambibiohazard.

Stay safe, stay sane, stay consensual. Now go wash your hands!

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