Wax Play and Creative Inspiration

The last time I saw my partner he suggested we do wax play, we knew it would be the last chance we got to play for a while so we did. I dripped a blue Trussed UK candle over his back (I haven’t asked permission to post the photo I took of so it’s not getting posted) while he listened to Penguin Cafe Orchestra, if you haven’t heard of them they are pretty great background music for wax play. I particularly like The Sound of Someone You Love Going Away and it Doesn’t Matter.

He then dripped a purple Trussed UK candle down my back (it was a lot splashier than the blue) and I chose Glorious by Andreas Johnson and a combination of the wax and the song gave my creative brain a much needed jolt. If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I’ve decided to use this time to write a novel, but thanks to my mood stabilisers and antidepressants I often struggle to get my creative brain into gear. The first drip on my shoulder combined with the music put me in mind of an early scene I’ve been working on, this then put a string of other scenes I want in the book in my mind and gave them the shape I was missing.

Wax play relaxes my partner, and given those trying times out there we really need to do whatever we can to relax. For me be it giving or receiving is a big turn on. This time it wasn’t, it just put my mind in a different place where I felt I could create.

You can get the wax play candles mentioned in this post here and now more than ever we desperately need to support the independent kinky businesses we love or risk losing them for good.

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