When All This Is Over

I know we’re all struggling right now, some a lot more than others so I’m doing my best to try not to dwell too much on what I don’t have and think about what I can do when it’s over.

First up I’ll be getting waxed and my eyebrows threaded. I’m growing my brows back and they’re in serious need of sorting out. I am shaving at the moment but I much prefer being waxed.

Next up I want my acrylics back, I hate being without them but in the meantime I’m just painting my nails and hoping my natural ones can grow nice and long. Although mine break at the slightest thing.

Book some dungeon time. I want to book a few hours at Blue Door Dungeon so I can have lots of fun play with my partner and enjoy that sex swing that I loved so much the last time I was there.

Hug everyone I love. I miss hugs so much, especially my partners and I will be hugging all of my friends and making more of an effort to go out and see them.

What are you looking forward to when this is all over? I really want to hear!

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