You remember yesterday when I said my mum was the inspiration for the SPH post? Well believe it or not she’s a bit of an inspiration for this one too! Take a seat, grab your drink and snack of choice, Auntie Hazard is going to […]

I Love Lace

Lace is hugely underrated, it covers yet hides absolutely nothing at the same time. It obscures at best, but really that’s it. And there’s nothing better in this world than spiderweb lace. Just a quick aside, I love spiders anyway but spiderweb patterns and lace […]

30 Days of Kink Day 20

Talk About Something Within Kink/BDSM You’re Curious About/Don’t Understand Brace yourselves because we’re talking about dollification again. (It’s going to need it’s on category at this rate.) Because I am still curious about it, and once the apocalypse is over I am determined to have […]

Monsters In My Bed

I’ve had a lot of very passionate relationships. They’ve spanned years, we’ve bared our souls to each other. They’ve also been with entirely fictional characters. My longest running romance is with The Phantom of the Opera, he’s changed a lot over the years and these […]