Domestic Service and Being Over These Dishes

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People may leave, but the washing up will always be there for you.

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I don’t know about you, but I could really do with a domestic sub right now. Not that they’d be allowed to come in but maybe I could lower my dishes out of the window with a shopping bag and rope. I never even particularly had a thing for domestic servitude before, but then I don’t remember there being quite so much to do around the flat before either.

Is anyone else finding that the longer they stay home, the more of a mess they leave in their wake? Because I’m starting to see that. We have a joke in my home about the pervert fairy that comes in and does the housework, I may need to see if I can source a real life one of these to come in and give this place a once over. I have no problem with sitting in my latex and playing Animal Crossing. (Quite honestly you’re lucky I’m on the blog at all right now, New Horizons is fucking amazing!)

I’ve never seen what the appeal could be with domestic servitude, but then I have always detested housework. But then I am rather good at outsourcing, back when I played Warhammer in my early twenties I gave someone else the job of getting my models painted. Well, the fiddly ones anyway. And I’ve always appreciated someone else making my coffee, especially first thing in the morning. You know I’m starting to think that just maybe I’m a bit more into this than I thought!

Certainly in my current relationship we don’t have that kind of dynamic that one of us gets off on doing the housework for the other, we tend to just do our own and not get under each other feet. Although he does help me when I clean out my hamsters cage. That man has a skill for laying out her platforms and bridges.

Perhaps when things are a little easier I shall vet submissives to come over and give this place a regular once over and I can consider double domming with my partner to make sure it all gets done properly. We’ve never double dommed together since we’re monogamous, but if it gets things done at home I’m sure we can make acceptions.

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