Climbing the Walls

I know it’s not just me, I know because I’ve asked around on Twitter. Something has changed in me, in so many of us. We’re all getting more horny and more kinky now we can’t go out and let it out of our systems!

I’ve masturbated every night for nearly two weeks at this point and I think I’m in serious danger of wearing my poor clit out or causing some kind of RSI and my dildos and vibrators are looking like they might go on strike at any moment. But what on earth has brought all of this on?

Is it our brains trying to distract us from the insanity on the other side of our front doors? Is it that not having something makes you crave it more? Probably both, for me it’s currently a dollification Phantom of the Opera fantasy. It’s pretty much anyone’s guess what my brain will cook up next.

Are you going through a similar thing at the moment? Want to share your crazy fantasies that get you through the night? Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear them!

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