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30 Days of Kink – Day 19

Any Unexpected Ways That Kink Has Improved Your Life? If So What Are They?

Kink has given me so much confidence it is incredible. It gave me back a voice that I lost from years of abuse of varying forms. The day I realised that the skills I learnt from domming could be transferred into my day to day life changed me completely.

I also found that letting my submissive side out meant that I was more assertive as it meant that I was more switched on to the fact that only one person could make demands of me. And even then I was in control. And that side also taught me to be pretty patient on top of that. Something that I have always greatly lacked over the years.

I have also gained so much body confidence that I had taken away from me from years of bullying in school and then ex’s that if they really had so many problems with my looks should have done me a favour and fucked off. In my defence of putting up with that shit, I was suffering with very bad depression on top of other things. Now I just want to spend my time running around naked. Something that I did a lot of in my later clubbing years.

BDSM can be really good for you, but it can also be used to mask some really negative stuff, do get help if you need it, but it can also give you so many wonderful things when done with the right people.

Has BDSM/kink changed you in ways you never expected? I’d love to hear about them.

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