Monsters In My Bed

I’ve had a lot of very passionate relationships. They’ve spanned years, we’ve bared our souls to each other. They’ve also been with entirely fictional characters.

My longest running romance is with The Phantom of the Opera, he’s changed a lot over the years and these days looks and sounds a lot more like my partner (who on our first Halloween together dressed up as him for me, yes he is very much a keeper). Having crushes on monsters is not uncommon, yes I know technically Erik (we’re on first name terms and everything) is not a monster but he does get classed as one of the Universal Horror monsters so for the sake of this post, he’s a monster.

It’s certainly not uncommon, women everywhere have lusted after vampires, even if they are of the sparkly variety, but lets not get into everything wrong with that book series. There is a big market for monster romance fiction, mostly vampires and werewolves. There’s also a huge market for monster dildos, just look at Bad Dragon, Organotoy and John Thomas Toys. So clearly we are enjoying getting our freak on with something otherworldly.

But where does this come from? We are always taught to fear the unknown, and classic monsters, as well as some modern day ones, Slenderman and Pyramid head in particular up to a point, are personifications of genuine fears that we either couldn’t explain or are made into something more tangible for us to be able to process. Vampires represent a darker side of human nature while Pyramid Head was a construct of the the protaganist of the first Silent Hill to punish him for everything he had done wrong.

They are at their core creations creatures of evil, but if the monster lusts after us, or even loves us, we feel protected. The thing that goes bump in the night will be there will destroy anything that tries to hurt you. At least I think that’s where it comes from for me. We also of course, always love a bad boy, someone or something dangerous and bad for us.

Then there is of course The Shape of Water, where the monster isn’t the usual scary and dangerous but more human than the male humans of the story. (I can’t go too much into this having only seen a few clips talking about this.)

Are you a teratophilliac too? Share your monster crushes in the comments!

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