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30 Days of Kink Day 20

Talk About Something Within Kink/BDSM You’re Curious About/Don’t Understand

Brace yourselves because we’re talking about dollification again. (It’s going to need it’s on category at this rate.) Because I am still curious about it, and once the apocalypse is over I am determined to have some doll transformation fun.

If you’ve had a kink for more than five years and not given it a go you should really be looking at the reason why. If you’ve had it for more than fifteen then it’s time to just fucking do it because you’re not getting any younger. Since this is the year I’ve gone public with my kink this should also be the year I act on it. I’m in a relationship with someone I trust more than I’ve trusted anyone and who I feel comfortable sharing these things with so it’s time to have a think about what that means to me and talk it through with my partner.

I understand why I have never made an effort to explore this one before when I’ve done just about every other kink or fetish someone has thrown my way, it’s personal, it’s niche, it’s actually at times kind of hard to explain because it is so varied and means different things to different people. But being so varied maybe that means we can work something out and make it a fetish we can both enjoy. And given my partner has supported every dumb idea I’ve had and kept me going with every good idea and is pretty open minded maybe we can work something out.

If we do decide to explore this unusual kink of mine I’ll of course be sharing my stories of it here. And I would love to hear about any kinks you are curious about or just don’t get, leave a comment and let me know.

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