I Love Lace

Lace is hugely underrated, it covers yet hides absolutely nothing at the same time. It obscures at best, but really that’s it. And there’s nothing better in this world than spiderweb lace.

Just a quick aside, I love spiders anyway but spiderweb patterns and lace just belong together. It feels gothic and sexy all at once. Hell, if I’m rocking the goth look I feel sexy anyway but that just makes an outfit perfect. Sadly my life is lacking in spiderweb lace at the moment though.

Lace looks gorgeous on other people too, I have yet to find the person anywhere on the gender spectrum that does not look damn fucking sexy in lace. I don’t care who you are you cannot convince me otherwise.

Years ago I started seeing, or maybe just noticing, a lot more PVC and lace clothing and was really not sold on it, I love them both but didn’t feel like they went together. But even then the lace just grew on me. And probably the most beautiful latex dress I have ever seen was a latex dress with a lace print ballgown at an exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum. I’ve forgotten every other dress I saw but that one has stayed with me after all these years.

I wouldn’t say I have a fetish for lace, but it is hard to deny the sexiness of it. And I could totally see why anyone would. What’s your thoughts on lace? I’d love to hear in the comments. And do go check out others getting involved in Kink of the Week here.

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4 thoughts on “I Love Lace

  1. Oh you are absolutely write about lace and spider webs. I have some lace gloves that the pattern is spider webbed that I bought for Halloween one year and they definitely fall into that erotic gothic feel


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