Small Penis Humiliation

Would you believe the inspiration for this post came from my mum? I’ve been feeling the block really bad of late and asked my mum what to write about. And she said small penises. But after a lot of small dick jokes she asked me to say she didn’t want it to come across as mean. And that is how I ended up spending time telling my mum all about small penis humiliation.

This is something I very much specialise in and have done since my early days of domming. I’m a big humiliation fan, but of course it comes with its risks as one sentence wrong can destroy the mood and really hurt some feelings.

SPH however is a little different, because unlike just humiliation you are zeroing in on one particular thing that has been consented to. Of course like with anything you need to know what is on and off the table. But when it is less generalised it’s harder for things to go wrong.

But why would anyone be into this? Well from a dominant perspective it’s about being in control and watching a submissive squirm and blush. It’s certainly what I love about it. But what about from a submissive perspective it can vary, for some it’s about dealing with something negative within a controlled environment. But it could be just that they get off on being humiliated, I once knew a pro Domme that said most of the guys that went to her for SPH did not have a small cock.

If you want to play with any kind of erotic humiliation please do have a long and very open talk about what you want from it. What you are and are not comfortable with. Sure you can’t be physically harmed by this one but it can do a lot of emotional damage and open a lot of old wounds.

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