Problematic Kinks

There are a fair few kinks that are popular yet problematic. One I have always felt kind of uncomfortable about it sissyfication. As a cis woman that owns her femininity and is proud of it I don’t see what’s so humiliating about being a woman. And I did wonder if it was transphobic, and there are trans people who think it is.

A trans woman is transitioning her body to match the person she is inside, they are embracing their femininity to see cis men treating being turned into and treated as a woman as a part of humiliation kink could only be seen as hurtful.

I don’t want this to come across as kink shaming, but we do also need to look at our kinks and how they could be hurting others. And there are plenty out there that are, because there’s also the fact that trans people are treated like a fetish more than they are people in the sex industry. And as much as I love the adult industry there are some serious problems. So how can you support trans sex workers?

Well, remember that they are human and not just a something there to get your rocks off. They’re a someone, and they deserve to be treated as such. Don’t use transphobic slurs to describe them, there’s enough of that from transphobes in day to day life. It’s not sexy and it’s adding to the problem. Just like any other sex worker they deserve to be paid for their time and work, and paid well.

There’s lots of great independent trans content creators out there, if you are a content creator please do leave a comment with links to your work in the comments. And what is your take on problematic kinks? I’d love to hear from you.

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