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I’m a planner girl, I’ve even talked about it in this previous post so a chance to talk about lists makes this a perfect Kink of the Week to join in with.

Lists are great for kinky relationships, in my diary I have a list of kinks I love, hard limits and stuff I want to watch with my partner. There’s kinky stuff on that last one so it absolutely belongs in this post. Now I’m monogamous so I only really have to remember the loves and limits of one person, but when you have more than one partner it can be really useful to keep a track of what everyone likes.

But as I said I also keep a list of the things I enjoy because it’s an ever growing thing and honestly sometimes I need a reminder. What can I say? I’m into a lot of stuff! I also keep a running list of my hard limits because it’s something that has also grown and change over time. I should really keep a list of the stuff I want to try too.

Keeping lists like this with your partner/s can be really helpful too, you can plan future play sessions. It can be a great help if you have felt like you’ve gotten into a bit of a play rut too. And I think we’ve all been there at some point!

What’s on your to do list right now? Do you keep lists like this or has this post inspired you? Leave a comment below. T

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One thought on “Kink of the Week Loving Lists

  1. I do love a good list! My brain is so disorganised I need to keep track of all the different areas of my life or nothing productive would get done!

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