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30 Days of Kink Day 25

How Open Are You About Your Kinks?

I think just about everyone that knows me knows I’m kinky. Hell my mum knows I’m kinky and so do my partners parents since they know I write about sex/BDSM and that I have worked and will be going back to working in the adult industry and what I’ll be doing. It’s the bulk of my stand up material too. But why be so open?

Well it certainly makes my life a lot easier. If my friends and family all know what I do then no one can use it against me in any way. I completely own what I am and I don’t have to live my life looking over my shoulder and worrying about anyone finding out what I do. I am a firm believer of living life out in the open, I obviously do have parts of my life I keep private, I don’t talk a lot about my partner because I respect his privacy. Although he’s given me the OK to talk about him on here so I’ll be talking about our relationship and sex life a bit more in the future.

I did keep things a lot more private and to myself for a long time but then one day I just stopped caring about who did and didn’t know. I think that was about the time I first had my photo taken at a club. I knew it would go onto the clubs site and people would see it, within six months of that I did my first art nude and bondage shoot. Once that happened I knew I needed to tell the people in my life before they heard it from someone else.

I know not everyone can be like that and nor do they want to, but it certainly works for me. And as I say in my stand up set, if anyone tells me they’ve seen my work and they’re going to tell people I remind them, I can equally tell people what they’ve been looking up to have found it in the first place!

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