A Tale Of My Partner

My partner says I should talk about him, so here is a little tale about him, how much more body confidant he has become and how much I love him.

For Valentines Day last year I brought him a Clone A Willy kit, because quite frankly his cock is the perfect fit for me and I wanted a spare for when he isn’t around. Then things happened, as they so often do and thoughts of it getting done sort of fell by the wayside.

Two months later it was our anniversary and the day before he had a gig and a brand new set that he refused to talk about. And the set was all about making the Clone A Willy vibrator. I could not stop giggling the entire way through and to this day it is one of the funniest stand up sets I have ever heard.

It’s one thing to talk about making it on stage and in front of a room full of people but it is quite another to get the vibrator out on stage and show everyone. The guy who said on our first date that I intimidated him a little was now waving a hot pink replica of his cock around on stage of a comedy club! I was so proud of him in that moment, and then he got off stage and handed it to me saying “happy anniversary” not the anniversary present I was expecting but damn it was good.

In fact the set went so well we had to make a second for me as he kept performing with the original. He even performed it with my mum in the audience (she’s the one who said I should tell this story).

I always knew in our relationship he would be the funny one, I thought I had the slutty one nailed and now he makes rooms full of people happy with his (replica) cock. I never thought it would be him to take my slutty crown!

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