A Socially Distanced Date

Here in the UK the lock down has lifted a little, you can now meet up with someone in a public place as long as you keep your distance. So we had our first ever socially distanced date. Which I thought might be called off because of course that would be the day it rained as soon as I left my flat!

I finally made an effort to dress up, got my boots on and met my partner somewhere in the middle. We found a quite and as private as we are going to get in London patch of grass and enjoyed some sunshine together. It felt so good to finally be sharing the same space after months of only being able to talk over Skype or the phone, I don’t know about you but we are really struggling to keep the conversation going over Skype.

The hardest part was not being able to kiss or even hold hands, but just to be together again made it worth the struggles of staying apart. We talked about the things we would do when we could visit each other again, what we would put in Room 101, our writing projects and my new gaming group.

The time flew by and eventually we had to say our good byes, that was the hardest part when it came to keeping our distances. Not being able to kiss the person you love good bye or even hug them is rough. But it was worth the pain of no physical contact just to see him properly again and as long as the new rules stand we will be meeting up once a week to do this as long as the weather is good.

It’s not much but it’s a small step in being together again.

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