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My partner is back for a guest review, this time it’s the OffBeat Godemiche in UV red.

UV red G-Silicone OffBeat masturbator

Before starting this review I should point out that I have phimosis; a minor condition in which the foreskin is too tight to be pulled back over the head of the penis. Over my life it has made wanking and sex in general somewhat awkward as the pulling of my foreskin can result in a stinging pain. This also means that I have a restricted sense of pleasure during all forms of sex.Β Β 

I have just tried wanking with the β€˜Off-Beat’ silicone masturbator. I used the 2 inch version, and once aroused, I lubed myself up and tried to slip it over my penis head. It has an interior width of about one inch, and it instantly would not slip over, and forced back my foreskin making it sting. Instead I inserted both index fingers, stretched it apart and was able to position it tightly around the shaft. I gripped it with my thumb, index and middle fingers and was able to masturbate comfortably, though the tightness of it made it tricky to maintain an erection for longer than three minutes without removing it and applying more lube. The interior surface of the Off-Beat is lined with small bumps which sadly were wasted on me (though likely beneficial to others). Ordinarily I can take a long while to reach orgasm, but it was a comfortable time of roughly 15 minutes using the Off-Beat. It has an open end so I recommend placing a tissue over your belly, which I did not.

Inside of OffBeat masturbator

Overall I found using the Off-Beat very pleasurable, and certainly much more comfortable than a flesh light, which cannot be stretched wider for insertion, and is also a lot trickier to clean. The Off-Beat required only a quick rinse and it was good as new. I am aware there is another version of the Off-Beat that is 4 inches long, which to me sounds harder to insert yourself into, however, this may not be a problem if you have a looser (or no) foreskin.Β 

I would recommend the Off-Beat to anyone with phimosis, as an applicable sex toy, and likely good fun if you don’t have it either.Β 

If you want one for yourself you can get it here. And thank you again to my partner for writing this review.

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