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Ethical Wanking

I feel like a fraud, the last orgasm I had was just disappointing. That was last week and I’ve not bothered since. And yet here I am about to talk about wanking. But I have had lots of great wanks. Just not recently.

But wanking and orgasms are good for you, they’re good for your mental health and physical too. And we really need to be looking after both as best as we can these days. So sit back, relax and lets talk about having the best and most ethical wank of your life.

First, lets talk lube. It’s not just for anal, and it’s not just for use with a partner. Things just feel better with a little, or a lot of lubrication. I’ve been swearing by Boys Own lube for years now. I was recommended it after the burning incident from a drugstore brand. It’s cruelty free and good for sensitive skin. And I always go for water based because it is the most toy safe lube you can buy.

Next up is toys, maybe you don’t use them, but if you’re considering using them I do have some toy reviews that might have something up your street. Always make sure your toys are clean before you use them. Because that’s common sense and no one really wants to put a crusty toy near their genitals. (Burning, crusty toys isn’t this just the sexiest post you’ve read ever?) And give them a clean when you’re finished too. Oh, and jelly toys, if you are going to insist on using them (but why would you, they are so bad for you) then please put a condom on it. They can’t be properly cleaned and on top of that are full of bad chemicals that are not really body safe.

Lastly, we need to talk about porn. I said this was going to be ethical, pay for your porn. PornHub makes its money from stolen content and far worse. On top of that the site makes it almost impossible for those who have not consented to being on there to have the videos taken down. It’s worth going to any one of the premium clip sites and finding something you really want or even pay for a video from one of the bigger production companies. Just because you aren’t paying for it, that doesn’t mean someone else isn’t. Not Your Porn is dedicated to raising awareness about these things.

I did say it was going to be an ethical wank didn’t I?

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