Guest Post Stretching Diary Week 1

My partner will now be doing a regular spot on the blog all about using stretches to help with his phimosis.

DAY 1- I ran a hot bath and eased myself into my first stretching session. I got as comfortable as I could and was able to manipulate by phimodal ring with my index fingers and thumbs. The technique I had read was to hold it apart for 30 seconds at a time, in a way that the tension may be uncomfortable but not at all painful. Then relax for ten seconds and start over, doing the stretching a total of five times. Making the pull was much easier in a hot bath which helped to loosen me up, and I think softened the sting too. To be honest I was feeling very depressed that day (all sorts of reasons) and I frequently lost focus on what I was doing. I did each stretch while counting out loud to 30, but the gaps in between were anything between ten seconds and five minutes. I want to do better than that in future. For future stretches I will perhaps do this lying down in my bedroom as the wet bath weakened my grip. One other important part (for me) is to also work on exposing my glans to the outside of my foreskin so it won’t be so sensitive. I think it would be easier to do this in a state of arousal, as in my flaccid state I couldn’t get much uncovered. Doing this in a hot bath would be very effective, and I shall report on that hypothesis accordingly in my progression. 

DAY 2- This time I conducted the same technique while lying flat on my bed, and did the stretches in the same way. This time there was noticeably less sting when stretched, though having my flaccid penis upright made it sink into me which made it tricky to find the phimodal ring, but I did find it, and it was easy. I was more able to concentrate as well. I shall continue this way. I still need to practice touching my glans. 

DAY 3- Much the same as the previous day, and I’ve noticed it’s tricky to keep a tight grip on a bit of foreskin without it slipping out before you reach 30 seconds. 

DAY 4- Did it after a shower this time, and tried inserting my index finger tips into my phimodal ring to hold it apart. This stung a little bit more, but then again I think that’s the point, to feel a sense of discomfort without it being actively painful. I want to continue this part. 

DAY 5- Did it the usual way and have noticed that the stretching doesn’t feel so painful, as though I’m growing accustomed to the sting. Not noticed whether it has any difference on my aroused state yet. Glans still need work.

DAY 6- Did it the usual way and found myself still mildly comfortable with the sting from the stretching, that doesn’t feel so painful. My glans need to be desensitized but I don’t think I can do so without a fully dilated phimodal ring, or to be in a state of arousal, and since stretching out my foreskin is a very un-sexy thing to do I may have to begin on my glans much later than expected, it seems impractical at this time. 

DAY 7- Did it the usual way and the practice of the stretch is feeling easier. I tend to put Youtube videos on to occupy the time, pass it a little faster, and I’ve found this a good way to maintain the routine.

Please bare in mind my partner has seen a GP with his condition and if you do have it please visit a GP especially if you have developed it during adulthood as it can be an underlying health problem and not genetic. If you have found these recent posts helpful please do leave a comment and let us know. – Bambi

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