30 Days of Kink Day 29

Do You Have a BDSM Title (eg Mistress, Master etc) What Is Your Opinion of These Titles In General?

I do have a title, it’s either Mistress or Lady. I prefer Lady as it’s what I used when I first started domming as my partner had a slight lisp and that’s just one s too many. But I will except Mistress these days.

I like these titles, although having said that we don’t actually use them in my relationship. I have been called Mistress by my partner but mostly when he is teasing me. He’s actually the more dominant one of the two of us so it just feels weird when he does. I just call him darling or my love, occasionally I even use his real name. He tends to call me Angel which no one has ever called me before and I really like.

I think titles are great for play in particular, and in lifestyle relationships they’ve obviously been used outside of play. They’re obviously not so great while in the middle of a supermarket so I’ve always traded them for some kind of pet name that isn’t going to raise many eyebrows if I either call it out or get it shouted at me while in the freezer section or in the pub watching the rugby. (You know, back when you could actually do those things.)

What titles do you use? Or do you just not bother with them? Let me know in the comments.

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