Being A Mindless Fucktoy

I know I haven’t talked about being a switch much compared to how much I would have liked it. Fuck it, I haven’t talked much about BDSM at all of late, but then it’s been so long I think I might have forgotten half of my kinks! But one thing I haven’t forgotten and that’s the need to switch my mind of once in a while and just be mindless.

Why would anyone want to be treated like they existed just for someone else’s pleasure? Well, for me it is connected to my dollification fetish, and because I love to make my partner happy. In my mind he deserves every happiness that I can give him. He’s also not got a submissive bone in his body, he had a couple of switch bones in him once but I had to take them out at some point, and honestly I like not having to be dominant all of the time. When it comes to sex if I can still string a sentence you’re clearly not fucking me hard enough, I love being capable of just moaning and having screaming orgasms that could wake the dead.

We all do things that help us switch our mind off, be it reading a book, playing video games or intricate rope work, we all need that downtime to stay sane. For me, as much as I love gaming and reading being a mindless fuckdoll lets me take it that step further. Letting my partner take charge means I don’t even have to think about how you can no longer be a button masher in fighting games or what is going to happen to the character in my latest book next. So hopefully one day soon my mind can just go blank, have orgasm after orgasm and have it end with a mouthful of my partners come.

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