Guest Post Phimosis Diary Week 2

DAY 8 – Masturbated in the morning and have noticed a slight increase in the size of my phimodal ring, which is excellent. Perhaps another month of this routine will get me to my desired state. When I did the usual stretching it feels as though I am holding my hands a little wider now, so I feel optimistic about long term effects. 

DAY 9 – Did it the usual way and found it strangely difficult to find the phimodal ring. I think it retracts into itself which left me stretching the mid-section, I corrected this as well as I could and carried on.

DAY 10 – Did it the usual way, and noticed I was drier than usual, and I think this made it easier to hold each side of the phimodal ring without it slipping. I think this is for the best.

DAY 11 – This time I had forgotten to do the stretches during the day and remembered while in bed and under the influence of weed (don’t do drugs – Auntie Hazard). I decided to do it anyway, and strangely enough I found it easier to focus – to be clear I do not recommend this if weed may influence you in a negative way, but in my experience it doesn’t – and the sting didn’t bother me as much. I even had a pleasant wank afterwards.

DAY 12 – This was done the usual way, and I notice that I’m having a slightly more difficult time finding my phimodal ring. Sometimes I have to search around which is slightly unpleasant, but I still found it and did the practice the usual way. It was fine. 

DAY 13 – Finding the process gradually more comfortable.

DAY 14 – Today I’ve taken notice that when I position my index fingers inside the foreskin I can hold it apart without my fingers touching. That’s encouraging.

And as always the disclaimer, if you think you have phimosis please see your GP and if you do, dig your heels in and get yourself referral to a urologist. Especially if you have developed it later in life as this is a symptom of other more serious health issues.

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