30 Days of Kink Day 30

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I love erotic hypnosis, it’s something I’ve been interested in for years but for one reason or another I only decided to actually start exploring it at the start of this year. But I discovered it was not going to be as easy as I’d hoped. Today I’m going to talk about erotic hypnosis and aphantasia. (Don’t worry I’ll be explaining what both are.)

For those who don’t know about erotic hypnosis it is using hypnosis for sex and/or BDSM. To make your partner/s aroused through to having a hands free orgasm. I love that it has such a huge range in what you can do with it. (Unless you’re me but we’ll be getting to that.) You can have them fucked by tentacles or become a mindless, sex hungry bimbo. It’s playing with the mind which makes the possibilities fairly endless.

I say fairly endless as we’re about to get into aphantasia. You may, like me, even have it, if you do you are very much in the minority. It is so uncommon that it didn’t even have a name until about five years ago. Do a little something for me, picture an apple in your mind. Can you see it? If you can’t then you probably don’t have a functioning minds eye, welcome to the super exclusive club we meet every Thursday. I had no idea that visualisation was an actual thing and the not really being able to see anything was normal. Turns out, I’m not normal. Who knew right? And this can be rather a problem when it comes to quite a few things, in particular hypnosis.

You see hypnosis more often than not requires visualisation skills, which has hugely limited me. It’s even made going into trance an uphill struggle. I can’t picture the tentacles working their way up my legs, or the bubbles to pop to make my mind drop. I’ve thankfully found a couple of great visualisation free inductions to switch between. So all is not lost. There are also tracks I’ve found that I’ve had some success with as I’ve only ever used free tracks to explore this. Although my partner is starting to get an interest which is great so that’s a few more tracks.

So what is it like? Well, first of all it’s really relaxing. On a not so good day my mind is just a bit quieter than usual and on a good day I can almost feel myself physically dropping and become heavy all over. I’ve never fully felt like I’m trance and sometimes I struggle to stay there but it has gotten better the more I’ve practised , and starting to do paced breathing meditation is making it easier too.

If you are interested in trying erotic hypnosis and have aphantasia I recommend starting with paced breathing exercises and learning to relax your mind (a good skill in stressful times) and then moving onto a simple induction with no visualisation, after that it’s really up to you and what you’re into. If you don’t have aphantasia I would still recommend trying some simple meditation to get your mind used to relaxing.

If you are interested in anything I’ve discussed in this post here are some links to get you started;

  • paced breathing
  • Nimja (has more aphantasia friendly audio files than anyone else I’ve found so far)
  • Mind Maiden (if you prefer a female voice Mind Maiden is worth checking out)
  • UltraHypnosis (has male and female voices but sadly not too much for aphantasia)

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