G-Silicone Adam Review

I’ve had the flat based 8in Adam in confused rainbow since Christmas, it was a gift from my partner. So it is certainly long overdue a review.

Godemiche Adam 8 inch dildo confused rainbow
This may be the most beautifully coloured dildo in the world

If you don’t know Godemiche they are a small, independent sex toy company. My partner has previously reviewed their penis masturbator the Off Beat, which you can check out here. So this is not their first time on the blog. All of their toys are high quality silicone, and come in a range of colours and sizes. Mine is what I can only describe as “eyes bigger than my cunt” seriously it’s the size of my forearm.

It’s a beautiful toy, but look at it, you did not need me to tell you that. It’s rainbow, sparkly and glows under UV light. Now I know glitter is the prettiest evil thing on the planet since it gets everywhere but and it’s a very big but, this toys does not do that at all! Let me repeat, the quality is so good the glitter stays firmly in the silicone. I’m not sure how this is possible, I think it might be witchcraft. It’s also got a gorgeous weight to it, which is to be expected with a good quality silicone toy.

So armed with some good porn and a lot of Boys Own lube I got down to some review minded fun. It’s got a nice sized head that feels great going in, yes it needed a fair bit of warm up but I’m quite small and this the biggest toy I own so a little extra effort is to be expected. I love that feeling of being stretched and this toy certainly gives me that feeling. I love this toy. I’ve had it for some six months and it does get plenty of use. Well, the first few inches do, I need to have more anal fun to be able to enjoy the whole thing. And with the flared base I can safely do that.

godemiche confused rainbow 8inch Adam
Seriously that head feels amazing

I really do love this toy, it isn’t cheap but you very much get what you pay for so it is worth every penny. If you’re going to buy a toy you should absolutely get the best quality product and Godemiche have not disappointed my partner or me. I am currently eyeing up the Ambit which has a nice looking curve to it.

You can buy their toys either from their website or Etsy. And can follow them on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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